China International Travel Mart 2020 Online + Offline Expo

发布日期:2020-11-19 09:15
November 20, Shanghai - China International Travel Mart 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the "Tourism Fair") was held in Shanghai from November 16 to 18, attracting more than 1500 tourism institutions from more than 50 countries and regions as well as 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China to participate in the fair online and offline. With the beautiful vision of developing culture and tourism, expanding opening up, increasing employment, stimulating consumption and boosting economic and social development, the exhibitors went to the grand gathering of "cultural tourism integration, poetry meets the distance".

Culture + tourism highlights the integration of culture and Tourism 
"Creativity lights up a good life." Walking into the theme exhibition hall of the Ministry of culture and tourism, a young girl in traditional Miao costumes is making a live webcast. She focuses her mobile phone lens on the exquisite embroidered sachets on the exhibition stand. "Please see, this sachet is made of the unique Miao silk show. The Dragon Boat totem on the sachet implies good luck and peace." The girl's name is Tai JUANJUAN. She comes from Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. She is the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Miao embroidery at the county level.

Highlights and themes
Highlighting the concept of cultural tourism integration is a highlight of this tourism fair. "One belt, one road, the East Asian cultural capital" and "ASEAN exhibition area" are set up by the international exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of culture and tourism. The Industrial Development Division set up a "key area for the exhibition of international cooperation in the area of tourism and tourism", and the Resource Development Division set up a "quality cultural and creative exhibition area".

The Palace Museum, the National Museum, the National Library of China and the Chinese Art Museum exhibited their "online celebrities" products on their own booths. The Palace Museum brings cultural and creative products to celebrate the auspicious and new year in 2021. Cultural and creative jewelry from the National Museum of China has become a hot seller. The China Art Museum displays copies of its collections. The National Library of China allows exhibitors to experience immersive reading brought by 5g reading tree.

Offline + online display and trading platform 
Under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the tourism fair was held online and offline, effectively expanding its coverage and influence.

Cloud Exhibition
Cloud exhibition hall, cloud conference, cloud negotiation Even if they don't arrive at the scene, they can get to know the information of the exhibition hall and conduct business negotiation through its 360 degree panoramic dynamic display on the official website of the tourism fair.

Domestic + International looking forward to market recovery
Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, there are not many international exhibitors at the Expo, but still attracted the participation of tourism organizations in Korea, Japan, Spain and Morocco. International exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions are exhibiting, trading and negotiating online.

The China ASEAN center has set up special booths to answer on-the-spot consultation on ASEAN tourism, and to discuss with people from all walks of life to deepen China ASEAN tourism cooperation. The atmosphere was warm and active, and Chinese tourists expressed their full expectation for the trip to ASEAN.