WTM China Tourism Forum 2021 Successfully launched

发布日期:2021-11-11 15:40
1 November 2021, London - WTM China Tourism Forum 2021 by China Travel Online was successfully launched at the Global Stage, Excel London during WTM London from 1-3 November 2021. The WTM China Forum is a high level event with speakers includes Ministers, CEO of Tourism Board, and large Chinese tour operators. 

WTM China Tourism Forum 2021 forum Chair Marcus Lee delivered welcome remark at  Global Stage, Excel London during WTM London

China Travel Online, a leading B2B China outbound travel portal, is the organizer of WTM China Tourism Forum 2021. Marcus Lee said, we are proud to be the official partner of WTM London in China. WTM announce the important partnership with China Travel Online earlier this year.  China Travel Online also official Buyer partner for WTM. 

Gemma Greenwood, Director of Contents Inc is the moderator for WTM China Tourism Forum
WTM China Tourism Forum 2021 Panel discussion among Ministers, CEOs of Tourism Board

For the first time of WTM China Tourism Forum history, top 3 largest tour operators in China joined the sessions as speakers. This includes the largest tour operator in China CITS/CTS Group that handle 60 million clients annually and top 3 largest tour operator in China, Spring Travel which also owns Spring Airline with 102 aircraft covering domestic and international.

CTS/CITS Group Shanghai General Manager, Mr. Zhang Jiang Han
Beijing Spring Travel General Manager, Mr. Yang Yang

How to attract Chinese visitors during and post Covid19 is the main theme of WTM China forum 2021. 

Gemma Greenwood (Moderator): China has the world's largest outbound tourist market with 169 million outbound tourists in 2019. According to UNWTO, China are also the top spenders, estimated at USD$255 billion tourism expenditure in 2019, representing 1/5 of Global tourism spending. With Covid19, there are major changes in demographics, product preference, ways of travelling and factors affecting travel decisions. The WTM China Forum will discuss China's Recovery and Reopening, The "New" Chinese travellers, market updates and key factors to attract Chinese visitors.

In this opening remark and presentation "How to attract Chinese visitor during and post Covid19", Marcus Lee mentioned: "the million dollar question is , when is China going to open, and what it the New travel trend ? for now, China is not open yet for outbound, no fake news. However, the positive news is, China is projected to open up in first half of 2022, according to CDC China. For actual dates, please refer to Chinese government announcement. In terms of travel confident, China is flying high again. According to Cirium Travel Intelligent Report September 2021, 96% intend to travel again, and 61% intend to travel outside China once border is open up.

Cabinet Secretary of Kenya, Hon. Najib Balala: "travel is physical, we need to be physical to travel, not just virtual". Definitely Chinese is a big market, bigger than any other countries. Are we ready for them ? it is a lesson that we realized by now, there is a potential for this market. We, Kenya has receive less than 100,000 Chinese in 2019, small number compare to China total outbound number. We need to make sure there is communication in terms of languages, accessibility in terms of flights, and definitely need to give them the products they need. In the idea that Marcus presented, yes, Kenya is ready.

CTS/CITS Group General Manager Mr. Zhang Jiang Han: I know many destination wish Chinese to visit them, and Chinese also very much like to travel abroad. However, there are 2 factors need to be resolve or have a clear answers: firstly, can Chinese travel to destination without much quarantine ? secondly, once Chinese return from traveling abroad returning to China, can they not go through quarantine ? as currently China impose a long period of quarantine.

Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Kenya
Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board

Jamaica Tourism Director Donovan White: first of all, Marcus and I have quite a bit of time in terms of building capacity for Jamaica and Caribbean for Chinese market. The market is more keen to Sun & Sea travel, and adding Adventure into it, which agreed with Marcus mentioned in his presentation. We are looking to build capacity for Chinese, we going to continue the work, we are to be able to develop the appetite for the Chinese....and it is quiet a way to travel...we recognize the importance and value of Chinese travel market..

Beijing Spring Travel General Manager, Mr. Yang Yang: Oversea destination and  industry players are concern when China outbound market to resume, including us, the Chinese travel industry and tourist. From inside China, we are also eager to travel out. At this moment, although China outbound travel is temporary halted, however, let me assure you, the demand of outbound travel is there and it will be explosive once the market is open. The current two obstacle is pandemic is not over yet, and China is preparing for Winter Olympic 2022 in Feb and March 2022, which i believe outbound travel will only resume after this.

Nepal Tourism Board CEO Dr. Regmi: in the past couple years, Nepal change the strategy, before was more promoting to European and American market, but later on we realize that for sustainable development, we need to focus more on India and Chinese market. For western market, adventure is more appealing, for Chinese market religious seems important, as we have the birthplace of Lord Buddha. High level meeting including the President visit also vital to the development. After that Nepal Tourism is more active in participation of Chinese travel activities.

WTM China Tourism Forum 2021 esteem speakers:
  • Marcus Lee, CEO, China Travel Online
  • Gemma Greenwood, Director Content Inc, Moderator
  • Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, Kenya
  • Zhang Jiang Han, General Manager, CTS/CITS Group Shanghai
  • Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica
  • Yang Yang, General Manager, Beijing Spring Travel
  • Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board

Donovan White, Jamaica Tourism Board Director
Marcus Lee presented welcome remark on "How to Attract Chinese visitors during and post Covid19"

Extract from presentation:  How to Attract Chinese Visitors during and post Covid-19

Hidden gems, self-drive and health, spa & wellness holidays are the key emerging new travel trends among Chinese leisure clients, WTM delegates heard during the session How to Attract Chinese Visitors during and post Covid-19, Marcus Lee, CEO of China Travel Online, said China’s tourism industry has already rebounded from the pandemic.

During the 2020 May labour holiday in China, 115 million tourists went overseas. The following year, the 2021 May labour holiday saw 230 million trips, with Chinese visitors spending almost $18 billion US. Mr Lee said Chinese tourists are prepared to travel abroad for desert experiences, historical sites, night-time experiences, nature, national parks and shopping.

Source: China Travel Online, WTM London